About Us

Branch Officers

Co-Presidents: Kathy Larson
Pat Rice
Past President: Pauline Schreiber
Program Vice President: Mary Niermann



Membership Vice President: Kathy Larson
Co-Treasurers: Julie Olson
JoEllen Schultz
Secretary/Communications: Ruth Hildebrandt
AAUW Funds Vice President: Pat Rice
Public Policy Vice President: Sue Willcutt
Diversity Vice President: Diane Hagen

Committees — Chairs — Groups


Historian: Pat Umbreit
Educational Equity: Gloria Olson
Diane Hagen
Pauline Schreiber
Kathryn Speulda
Environmental Issues: Liz Hartman
Pauline Schreiber
Pat Rice
Education — Scholarship: Karen Rasmussen
Shelly Rockman
Bylaws: Karen Rasmussen
Auditor: Carol Quail
Sportswoman of the year: Mary Osborne
Nominating: Current Officers
Project Star: Barb Dubbels
Book sale: Pat Rice
Liz Hartman
Kathy Larson
Mary Lillquist
Mary Niermann
Judy Graham
Yearbook: Pat Umbreit
Book Club: Barb Dubbels
Communique: Liz Hartman
Emily Nesvold
Social Events: Sue Olson